About Our Laboratory

SeaCrest Group was formed in 1987. Since then, SeaCrest Group has developed a reputation for providing innovative and effective solutions to environmental issues and problems. Originally specializing in aquatic toxicological services, the company has established a profile with a full spectrum of environmental services. We can work in most EPA regions and have the experience to fit our clients needs.

SeaCrest Group has worked throughout the United States from Washington to New Jersey and most states in between. Over the years, SeaCrest Group has developed expertise in regulations, permitting, and methodology to ensure accurate and customized solutions for any client.

We help our clients to meet their individual permit needs and to maintain compliance by offering both WET testing and analytical chemistry services. By providing in-house chemical analysis in conjunction with WET testing, SeaCrest Group can discuss specific water chemistries with the client to reach a better understanding of the effluent water condition. SeaCrest Group, through PTIE or TIE processes, may also provide recommendations for a probable route of treatment, along with further references to aid the client in developing a personalized treatment plan.